Don’t get caught out by the law – use wetrack bluetooth to make and receive calls while driving


Still using your phone whilst driving?  Avoid up to a 6 points and up to a £2,500 fine.

You can get an automatic fixed penalty notice if your’re caught using a hand-held phone while driving or riding. You’ll get 3 penalty points on your license and a fine of £100.

Your case could also go to court and you could be disqualified from driving or riding  and get a maximum fine of £1,000. Drivers of buses or goods vehicles could get a maximum fine of £2,500.

New Drivers – you’ll lose your licence if you get 6 or more penalty points within 2 years of passing your test.

Our hands-free Bluetooth system will connect to your phone automatically when you enter your vehicle. The audio will play through your vehicle speakers providing perfect sound quality.  This will mute the radio when a call is made/received.  Our system also allows you to stream your music from any device.

New Business Extra Promotion – extended until 22nd September

The Business Extra £95 tariff has been reduced to £45 per month (exc VAT) until 22nd September.

This tariff includes:
•    Unlimited UK minutes
•    Unlimited UK texts and picture messages
•    50GB UK Data
•    500MB EU roaming data
•    1200 mins & 1200 texts to and from Europe, USA and the following countries:  Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, New Zealand, Pakistan, Turkey, US Virgin Islands.

Fixed Line and System Services from General Communications

Partnered with Openreach, BT Wholesale, Gamma, Virgin, Entanet, Talk Talk Business and Plusnet in order to recommend the most suitable solution for your business.

Working with you to provide a:

  • Simplified pricing structure, no minimum call or connection charges
  • Seamless process to ensure no risk of disruption to your services
  • Dedicated account management to proactively manage your communications needs and costs
  • An extensive range of telecommunication services to meet all of your current and future needs:
    • Traditional lines (ISDN and PSTN)
    • Reduced call charges
    • Broadband connectivity
    • Ethernet services (Lease Lines, EFM, GEA, EoFTTC)
    • Private area networks
    • Hosted Systems
    • Conferencing
    • Inbound numbers
    • Traditional systems
    • SIP (Voip for Business)
    • Maintenance

Typically we can Save over 20% from your current costs (30-40% from a BT bill).