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RedDrum IT

Who are RedDrum IT?

RedDrum are an established, locally based IT company, that have been providing a wide range of IT services, to their clients, both large and small, for a period in excess of twenty years. Many of RedDrum's clients have been working with them for over 10 years and some as long 20!

The 'Family' of RedDrum clients includes some of the largest and best known companies in the region, as well as small SMEs that are just as important to RedDrum. SMEs are the life blood of the UK economy and ensuring that their clients are provided with appropriate IT, security, compliance and advice services, is of vital importance to RedDrum. Some of the more well-known clients include Cardiff City FC, Newport Gwent Dragons, Alun Griffiths (Contractors) and WElink.

RedDrum operate in a completely different way to standard IT support companies. A set fee is agreed with the client and from that stage forward, RedDrum become the IT Department of the company. Close bonds are formed between RedDrum's and the client's staff and the IT systems are managed and supported using a mixture of human and automated management. IT advice is provided as and when necessary and RedDrum work with appropriate Senior staff to ensure that best use is made of any IT investment. RedDrum are particularly interested in ensuring the development of business processes within their clients, to match their IT Systems.

Why General Communications/RedDrum?

General Communications and RedDrum have worked together, with a number of mutual clients, over a number of years. This has enabled strong working relationships to be established between the relative staffs of the two companies. Further, it bred a realization that the ethos of the two companies was very similar. A strong customer service ethic based upon a true philosophy of partnership.

The realisation that many of General Communication customers had been sold poor, expensive and unsatisfactory IT services, whilst many of RedDrum's clients had been tied into similarly inappropriate telecoms relationships, led to the birth of a strategic relationship between the two companies. It was clearly in the interests of both sets of clients that where possible, both the telecoms and IT provisions of all clients, should at least be considered, by both companies.

True Partnership

When General Communications and RedDrum work together with a client, the delivery of any IT or Telecoms services becomes a completely smooth, one stop solution. The solution provided will be correct from both a Telecoms and an IT perspective, for the client.

In recent times, Telecoms have become much more IT and much less of a separate discipline. When a problem arises, it can be difficult to establish where it arose and whose responsibility it is, to fix it. With the General Communications – RedDrum partnership, there is never any question as to whose problem it is. General Communications and RedDrum staff work together, to ensure that any issues are resolved. There is even an option to deliver support services to match the requirements of a particular client. If a RedDrum client was familiar with reporting support issues to RedDrum and wished to make General Communications support requests to RedDrum, it would be possible to do so.

MINT – The Management Intranet

Over the course of the last five years, RedDrum, in conjunction with their clients, have developed an inexpensive, Intranet solution to deal with the everyday general requirements that all businesses have: Annual Leave, Expenses, Mileage, Document sharing etc. However, in the same way that General Communications bespoke their services, for their clients, RedDrum have bespoken aspects of the Intranets, to match the business processes of RedDrum clients. Several different flavours of the Intranet have been developed for the Construction, Hotel/Retail, Professional Services, Manufacturing and Professional Sports Industries.

The vast majority of RedDrum's family of clients use an Intranet, to manage some aspect of their business or their business processes. A firm of solicitors uses a form, in an intranet, to digitally collect data relating to all new clients, which is then imported into their case management systems. A professional sports organisation records the attendance of all part time staff, via a Clockin module, which then creates wage reports, which can be imported directly into sage payroll. The latest customization will see the Clockin module managing staff and attendance, across six UK factories.

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