So what 5G phones are available

LG V50 ThinQ

Take advantage of LG’s revolutionary 5 camera set up including 3 sense rear and dual front cameras. The triple rear cameras allow you to zoom in on your subject to produce super wide images. Cine shot allows you to add a variety of effects or animate part of the image for added interest.   The V50 ThinQ is basically just a 5G V40 with a processor upgrade. That means both good and bad: faster internet speeds and new features, balanced out by a thicker body and likely reduced battery life. Still, we loved the V40, and so the V50 could be a winner as long as LG can keep the price manageable.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been created with a large 6.67” display, a 16Mp selfie camera,, as well as a finger print scanner and 256Gb of storage.

Fantastic photos, with a 48MP & 16MP & 8MP lenses will guarantee great photos. There is also a wide angle lenses so everyone makes into the group photos.

There is a lot of kit to love, but you may want to look closely at what else is around.

OPPO Reno 5G

This phone is loaded with great features including 4k filming and night mode, virtually all screen display

OPPO Reno 5G doesn’t disappoint against its Android rivals when it comes to pure power. … The Reno 5G still runs OPPO’s highly customized “Colour OS” launcher

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 takes the classic S series a giant leap further. It features a 6.1inch curved edge infinity O display and new ultra sonic fingerprint scanner.  You can also power share with the power share option.

The Samsung S10 is significantly more so than the Galaxy S9, although it’s markedly better value than other highly branded phones.

5G Phones… what you need to know

5G is here and we cannot wait for you to experience all the benefits it brings, but what are the benefits, heres our top three reasons to get excited!!

A better connection in busy places

If you have ever struggled to get online while at a music festival or in a stadium, even though you appear to have a full signal, you’ll know how frustrating it is when your content eventually uploads much later or sometimes not at all. This happens when too many people try to connect in one place at the same time – networks reach their limit, and everything slows down.

With 5G, our network will give you a more reliable connection in the busiest of places and at the busiest times.  That is because 5G has a greater bandwidth than 4G and can support more devices. So you can stream sports in a stadium, download videos at a busy train station and share photos while partying at a music festival.

Faster speeds, better quality

5G gives you faster mobile speeds than ever before, making everyday tasks on your Smartphone feel super quick.

You will be able to download films onto your phone in seconds instead of minutes, so if you are stuck for something to watch on the way home from work you can quickly fill up your phone with the latest blockbusters and box sets. How about when you are trying to download that important document in time for a business meeting or retrieve that email to forward in double quick time!

You’ll be able to stream in the highest resolutions for an overall better experience.

Instant Connection

5G gives you an almost instant internet connection. So whether you want to play a video, load a document or control smart devices in your home, everything feels super quick with 5G.

The faster speeds at which our 5G network responds to your commands is really important for the gamers, because it responds even more quickly to your button commands. What’s more, 5G opens up exciting possibilities for the new augmented and virtual reality experiences, which could transform the way you play games on the move.

Best Business Mobile Phones for 2018

Mobile technology keeps on advancing every day. The rate at which technology is influencing growth has led to the need of embracing mobile technology. Today, you can quickly send information as well as documents through the use of these top-of-the-range phones. The use of mobile applications has also been on the rise in the recent years. However, the capabilities and features of these phones come in to enable their different ranking. There are other features that are measured by real testing. For instance, compatibility issues. Here are the best smartphones suitable to facilitate your business activities in 2018.

1) Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 model is one of the best phones that can be used to facilitate business operations. Firstly, it is used for communication services. Its great inbuilt stereo speakers enable this.

The model can support any business mobile application due to its inbuilt supportive features such as Exynos 8895 fast speed CPU, its 4GB RAM as well as an adequate 64 GB storage space. It also has good cameras: 12MP as well as 8MP for both rear and front cameras respectively. These cameras are dependable on capturing the images of products in cases of marketing on social platforms or the internet in general.

Its 3500mAh extended life battery well supports the operations of the model. Other features include a 6.2-inch screen size and use of Android seven operating system. The model remains one of the best in 2018.

2) One Plus 5

The model operates on Android 7.1 with a 5.5-inch screen size. It is helpful in business due to its high compatibility with most of the applications. The phone’s large screen size enables its usability in the keying in of data. It comes with a maximum of 8GB RAM and a Snapdragon 825 CPU that boosts its performance without the phone hanging. The phone allows internal storage to a maximum of 128GB. It has super clickability, making it a suitable as well as a fast-to-use device. One Plus 5 other features include 20+16MP rear camera and 16Mp front camera as well as a dependable 3300mAh long-life battery.

3) Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model is another smartphone model that supports business operations. It offers excellent performance enabled by a 6GB-RAM working space with a high-speed processor Exynos 8895 CPU. The phone can store numerous simple or temporary work data. It comes with 12MP rear and 8MP front cameras. Also, it has a long-life battery of 3300mAh and a 6.3 GB large screen size.

4) iPhone 8

iPhone 8 is another supportive business smartphone that can store data up to 256 GB. Its efficient working is supported by a 2GB RAM and A11 CPU model processor. Despite having a small 4.7-inch screen size, the smartphone can still be used to view business information through a maximum resolution of 750 x 1334 pixels. It also supports rear and front cameras of 12MP and 7MP respectively. The phone gives a great user experience.

5) BlackBerry Priv

With a good long life battery of 3400mAh, the models are highly supportive of business operations. Its high compatibility with most business apps, making it an excellent choice among many. It comes with a standard 5.4-inch screen size, big enough to display content as well entering data into various business apps. In fact, the model operates on an Android platform, an operating system that has dramatically improved the blackberry model performance.

BlackBerry Priv comes with a 3GB RAM and a Snapdragon 808 CPU, which supports its great performance. Despite having a poor 2MP front camera, its rear camera supports 18MP, which is good enough to capture high-quality product images for promotional purposes. Its other notable features include a 32GB internal memory and a high smartphone’s screen resolution of 2560x1440pixels.

iPhone 8 – What We Know

iPhone 8 will surely have some futuristic features, however none more futuristic than the arrangements to incorporate a coordinated projector in the new telephone. There have been gossipy tidbits for a long while that Apple is attempting to add worked in projectors to future iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad.


Another patent has been documented by Apple that gives us a thought of how they might want to incorporate the projectors into their devices. Nitty gritty outlines demonstrate the iPhone and iPad anticipating straightforwardly onto a divider while laying level on a table. The graphs additionally demonstrate Apple is likewise building up an outside projector to be utilized on MacBooks. It appears the outer projector will be USB based yet it’s as yet misty right now how it will work.


Apple insiders have additionally reported that connecting at least two devices together may likewise be conceivable with this innovation. You could have your iPhone and MacBook nearby each other anticipating all the while, making a mutual workspace. This is certain to be a genuine group pleaser among versatile experts.


Another intriguing patent that Apple has recorded recently includes document sharing. It includes physical movement, for example, pouring or flicking to exchange documents and data between iOS devices. If you needed to duplicate a document from your iPhone 8 to your iPad you would basically make a pouring movement with your iPhone and the record will be sent to your iPad consequently. Another approach to share data will be to flick notes to other individuals close you. You essentially stack the note you’d jump at the chance to share at that point make a flicking movement to send it to the next individual, similar to you would in an office or classroom.


Building a projector into a gadget that’s made to be compact and vitality productive may get a split response among fanatics of the iPhone 8. It’s not something that’s down to earth for everyone and will undoubtedly take a great deal of energy to run. In any case, you can’t deny how cool it is haul your telephone out and begin an introduction in seconds. Apple may discover the need to make this a discretionary component to interest more individuals.


Regardless of what’s on the horizon for the iPhone 8, it will be a leap forward gadget. With Google Android shutting in quickly on piece of the overall industry, it’s the ideal opportunity for Apple to truly overwhelm individuals if they plan to vie for piece of the pie in the future.


New Features of the iPhone 8


The new era of Apple’s goliath iPhone is slated to hit the store retires in October 2014. With Google’s mainstream Android rapidly outperforming Apple in piece of the overall industry, Apple is certainly going to be on edge with this next release. If there was ever a period for Apple to charm purchasers with the new iPhone 8, that time is presently.


Each emphasis of the iPhone has gotten a huge number of new capacities and features, and the iPhone 8 will without a doubt be no special case to this run the show. So far Apple has been moderately peaceful with respect to the points of interest of their new telephone, yet that doesn’t prevent the talk process from stirring.


The iPhone 8 will probably be the initial 4G telephone accessible on both AT&T and Sprint 4G systems. The iPhone 8 has recently turned out to be accessible on Sprint’s 4G arrange, yet AT&T hasn’t yet propelled their 4G benefit. It’s far-fetched the iPhone 8 will be the first to brandish 4G status as the 4G system isn’t relied upon to dispatch until late in 2011 at the most punctual, and the iPhone 5 is required to be released in the fall.


One of the coolest new features will be an edge-to-edge screen. The whole face of the iPhone 8 is probably going to be a screen. This is probably going to wipe out the physical home catch or to coordinate it specifically into the screen some way or another. Another, greater 3.7″ LCD screen is as of now underway.


Remote charging is another new component many people will be amped up for. Electromagnets charge the battery inside your gadget without the need to connect it to. This is called inductive charging, and it will dispose of the requirement for a port-link association. This innovation isn’t new, however it’s at last becoming standard which will give Apple the choice to wipe out the module port inside and out.


iOS6 is probably going to make a big appearance around an indistinguishable time from the release of the iPhone 8, and with each new release comes expanding multifaceted nature. This puts notwithstanding expanding strain on the processor. To cure this, Apple has reported the new A6 processor that will be shared by the iPad 3. It will be a considerably speedier processor to deal with the new form of iOS.


The new iPhone 8 is likewise liable to have an amplified battery life, substantially more stockpiling (64GB and 128GB models), and another 8-megapixel camera. While these things might be incredible, it’s pretty much what we’ve generally expected from another release.


This is likely quite recently the tip of the chunk of ice. Most likely Apple still has a couple tricks of their sleeve for the new iPhone 8. We will all be holding up quietly until at that point.


iPhone 8 Release Date without Steve Jobs


Reported recently, Steve Jobs has left his position as Chief Executive Officer of Apple. Steve Jobs has been under terrible wellbeing the most recent couple of months, and the general population appeared to comprehend this move was coming eventually. Jobs is in charge of the helping to establish of Apple in a storm cellar, that has now developed to the organization that it currently is.


Tim Cook has been declared as the successor to Steve Jobs as Apple CEO. Despite the fact that it is supposed that the move by Jobs is wellbeing related, nobody knows without a doubt. It will be intriguing to perceive how the iPhone 8 release abandons Jobs on board.Once the news was declared about Steve Jobs venturing down, Apples stock took a little plunge, yet appears to have reemerged.


In spite of the fact that it’s stunning news to a few, many are unconscious that Tim Cook has been overseeing things for a little while off camera. It will be fascinating to see where Apple runs in the future with its current fundamental items the iPhone, Macbook, iMac, iPad, and iPod. Will the outlines change now that Mr. Cook has ventured in? We exceptionally question it, yet you never know. How about we trust the iPhone 8 release date will remain the same, and not see a significantly additionally release than expected.

Top Business Mobile Phones for 2017

As a serious game player in the industry, it is important that you make a statement. You make a statement with your clothes, your dressing style, the motor vehicle you drive, the jewellery you wear and most importantly, the electronic devices that you carry.

An electronic device such as the mobile phone is something that stays in your hand constantly and is probably the one piece that defines you without saying too much. Whether you still prefer using QWERTY keypads, or the touchscreen, or you are someone who likes to combine them both; there is a lot that a business phone that you carry can tell you. There used to be a time when there was only one contender on the front, BlackBerry. But things are changing now and there have emerged a range of brands that offer the same thing (sometimes better) at almost half the price.

These are the business smartphones in 2017 to look out for: –

BlackBerry Priv

OS: Android Screen size: 5.4-inch CPU: Snapdragon 808 RAM: 3GB Storage: 32GB Rear camera: 18MP Front camera: 2MP

The one to introduce the era of Smartphones to the world, BlackBerry had probably vanished into thin air, with the iPhone wave and Samsung taking over a lot of things. However, BlackBerry is back! BlackBerry Priv is the first BlackBerry device to be packed with Android. No wonder, BlackBerry loves it keyboard and has made efforts to retain some part of it on the side. It is being touted as the best BlackBerry handset in years. A similar player in the game is the BlackBerry KEYone being launched sometime late in the year which is offering a physical keypad which is touch sensitive.

BlackBerry Classic

OS: BlackBerry OS Screen size:3.5-inch CPU: Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 RAM: 2GB Storage: 16GB Battery: 2515mAh Rear camera: 8MP Front camera: 2MP

There still are people who swoon over the good old Blackberry with the cursor in the middle, the original Smartphone. Good news for them people, the classic BlackBerry, called the BlackBerry Classic is making a comeback in the year and offer the same good old BlackBerry Interface.

OnePlus 3

OS: Android Marshmallow Screen size: 5.5-inch CPU: Snapdragon 820 RAM: 6GB Storage: 64GB Rear camera: 16MP Front camera: 8MP

Another wonder the OnePlus, the OnePlus 3 offers premium specs at almost half the cost. The iconic 6 GB RAM and the 64 GB Storage is enough to lure business people with extensive storage needs to OnePlus. Although there is no option to expand the storage, OnePlus loses out in this aspect. The front camera is almost as good as the iPhone, but the rear camera could have been much better than the lazy 16 MP.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

OS: Android Marshmallow Screen size: 5.5-inch CPU: Exynos 8890 RAM: 4GB Storage: 32/64GB Battery: 3600mAh Rear camera: 12MP Front camera: 5MP

Samsung has taken over the Business Smartphone industry world over and has made a strong comeback after the Note 7 fiasco. The Galaxy S7 Edge offers a remarkable RAM and an offer between the storage. Although this comes at a hefty cost, but it’s worth it, given the added security features like the Samsung Knox Security.

Microsoft Lumia 950

OS: Windows Screen size: 5.2-inch CPU: Snapdragon 808 RAM: 3GB Storage: 32GB Rear camera: 20MP Front camera: 5MP

The Microsoft Lumia 950 has introduced an added security feature, the iris screen lock (you can only unlock the phone with the iris in your eye) and this has made people excited all over the world. Perfect for people with businesses where a lot of their data travels in their phone, Microsoft Lumia 950 is a game changer. The stupendous 20 MP rear camera will take over the Smartphone industry.

New for Apple iPhone iOS9 – WiFi Assist


Wi-Fi assist one of the new features of the update iOS9.  This feature switches an iPhone’s data connection to the mobile carrier when it’s experiencing poor Wi-Fi signal.  If you have an unlimited data plan, it’s great – it ends the need to turn off Wi-Fi when the local connection goes south and you can no longer load that hilarious goat video you found.  It’s not so great, however, when you have a pretty low data cap and it switches from Wi-Fi to cell without your knowledge.  If you’re part of the latter group, head to Settings > Cellular then scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to turn off Wi-Fi Assist to keep you from mobile data charges.

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This tariff includes:
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