So what 5G phones are available

LG V50 ThinQ

Take advantage of LG’s revolutionary 5 camera set up including 3 sense rear and dual front cameras. The triple rear cameras allow you to zoom in on your subject to produce super wide images. Cine shot allows you to add a variety of effects or animate part of the image for added interest.   The V50 ThinQ is basically just a 5G V40 with a processor upgrade. That means both good and bad: faster internet speeds and new features, balanced out by a thicker body and likely reduced battery life. Still, we loved the V40, and so the V50 could be a winner as long as LG can keep the price manageable.

OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

The OnePlus 7 Pro has been created with a large 6.67” display, a 16Mp selfie camera,, as well as a finger print scanner and 256Gb of storage.

Fantastic photos, with a 48MP & 16MP & 8MP lenses will guarantee great photos. There is also a wide angle lenses so everyone makes into the group photos.

There is a lot of kit to love, but you may want to look closely at what else is around.

OPPO Reno 5G

This phone is loaded with great features including 4k filming and night mode, virtually all screen display

OPPO Reno 5G doesn’t disappoint against its Android rivals when it comes to pure power. … The Reno 5G still runs OPPO’s highly customized “Colour OS” launcher

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 takes the classic S series a giant leap further. It features a 6.1inch curved edge infinity O display and new ultra sonic fingerprint scanner.  You can also power share with the power share option.

The Samsung S10 is significantly more so than the Galaxy S9, although it’s markedly better value than other highly branded phones.

5G Phones… what you need to know

5G is here and we cannot wait for you to experience all the benefits it brings, but what are the benefits, heres our top three reasons to get excited!!

A better connection in busy places

If you have ever struggled to get online while at a music festival or in a stadium, even though you appear to have a full signal, you’ll know how frustrating it is when your content eventually uploads much later or sometimes not at all. This happens when too many people try to connect in one place at the same time – networks reach their limit, and everything slows down.

With 5G, our network will give you a more reliable connection in the busiest of places and at the busiest times.  That is because 5G has a greater bandwidth than 4G and can support more devices. So you can stream sports in a stadium, download videos at a busy train station and share photos while partying at a music festival.

Faster speeds, better quality

5G gives you faster mobile speeds than ever before, making everyday tasks on your Smartphone feel super quick.

You will be able to download films onto your phone in seconds instead of minutes, so if you are stuck for something to watch on the way home from work you can quickly fill up your phone with the latest blockbusters and box sets. How about when you are trying to download that important document in time for a business meeting or retrieve that email to forward in double quick time!

You’ll be able to stream in the highest resolutions for an overall better experience.

Instant Connection

5G gives you an almost instant internet connection. So whether you want to play a video, load a document or control smart devices in your home, everything feels super quick with 5G.

The faster speeds at which our 5G network responds to your commands is really important for the gamers, because it responds even more quickly to your button commands. What’s more, 5G opens up exciting possibilities for the new augmented and virtual reality experiences, which could transform the way you play games on the move.