Fixed Line and System Services from General Communications

Partnered with Openreach, BT Wholesale, Gamma, Virgin, Entanet, Talk Talk Business and Plusnet in order to recommend the most suitable solution for your business.

We aim to provide you with ……..

  • Simplified pricing structures, no minimum call or connection charges.
  • Seamless connectivity process to ensure no risk of disruption to your services.
  • Dedicated account management to proactively manage your communications needs and costs.
  • An extensive range of telecommunication services to meet all of your current and future needs.

Some of the services we offer are……….

    • Traditional lines (ISDN and PSTN)
    • Reduced call charges
    • Broadband connectivity
    • Ethernet services (Lease Lines, EFM, GEA, EoFTTC)
    • Private area networks
    • Hosted Systems
    • Conferencing

    • Inbound numbers
    • Traditional systems
    • SIP (Voip for Business)
    • Maintenance

Typically we can Save over 20% from your current costs!!