Using the internet abroad – Data Roaming or WiFi?


Going abroad soon?  If you wish to avoid costly data roaming charges, please ensure that data roaming is switched off on your mobile phone or tablet before you go.  You can use the internet and send and receive emails for free by connecting to local WiFi – available in many hotels, bars and restaurants. You will need to enter a password which a member of staff at the location providing the free WiFi will be able to give to you.

Connecting to WiFi on an Android handset:

Connecting to WiFi on an iPhone:

Beginners: Connect Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android Phone to a Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to WiFi on a Nokia handset:

Where WiFi is unavailable, you must enable data roaming to use the internet abroad.  If you are on EE small business or EE personal, when you open your web browser you will be redirected to a landing page where you will be given the option to purchase a data bundle.

Please note that if you are not on EE small business or EE personal, turning on data roaming will allow you to use data roaming straight away and if you have not purchased a bundle before going away this will cost you a lot of money.  So if you wish to use data roaming while abroad and you are not on EE small business or EE personal, please make sure you have given us a call prior to your trip to add a data bundle to reduce costs.