EE Power Bar for all EE customers


All EE customers are eligible to pick up a free Power Bar in any EE store by requesting a unique code via text.  Once the EE Power Bar has been used to charge a device, you can recharge the potable battery yourself or, if out and about, you can swap it for a fully-charged replacement bar at any EE store nationwide – for free and as many times as you like.

EE Customers Text POWER TO 365

EE Power Bar specifications:

•Capacity = 2600mAh – which is enough to charge a typical smartphone once
•Rechargeable with a guaranteed life of 500 charges
•Features charging indicator lights that will show how much charge is in the power bar
•Features an LED torch
•Includes a micro USB lead that will be used to charge the bar and to charge the phone from the bar
•Approximately 4 hours to charge the power bar from flat to full