Don’t be Regretful…


You may not be aware of what General Communications can do for your Business, you probably think we’re the same as every other Mobile Phone Company offering the World but, be assured, very few in our Industry are able to significantly change the way you pay your Mobile Phone Bills.  Did you know that 80% of Businesses in the UK are on the wrong mobile phone tariff? And, that’s a conservative estimate.

Any of the following sound familiar?

  • Have you been offered deals that are generally too good to be true?
  • Tariffs that turn out to be higher than promised?
  • Told phones WILL work in particular area, but don’t?

Unfortunately this is happening day in and day out, giving this Industry a reputation it doesn’t deserve. Companies like yourselves are not getting the service you should, we can put that right.

Why put your trust in us?

  • General Communications has over 20 yrs experience in the Mobile Phone Industry
  • Our Account Managers have over 100 years of experience between them, that’s right, you’ve not read it wrong, 100 years.
  • We deal primarily Business to Business.
  • We specialise in establishing the best possible tariff for your mobile usage
  • General Communications is 1 of only 5 Principal Partners in the UK

What we do

  • By analysing your Mobile Telephone Bills we’ll establish not only the most efficient tariff but the best Network for your Business
  • All Companies call records are scanned to create an electronic document from which every call is individually re-billed as if it had been made using another tariff
  • We show the results for the most competitive tariff in your report.
  • The analysis also takes account of every aspect of your expenditure. No individual Network can be this thorough or, unbiased.
  • Our objectives are to deliver a level of Managed Service which no one else offers and we do.
  • Every new account is allocated a Personal Account Manager who will advise you and regularly monitor your account. If there is a change in your Companies circumstances we can change you to the appropriate tariff at the first opportunity.

It is full of customers we have looked after for years, Customers that will back up our bold statement. Or, come and visit us at our Offices in Cardiff Business Park, Llanishen, Cardiff.

Call me please, I guarantee you won’t regret it. 0333 015 6699